Memories of the bygone days

Time has flown past,
With its many faces….
Some bright and some real dark…
And , we sat in the hourglass together,
As each grain of fallen sand,
Reminded us of memories from the past…
Blurred my vision,
And endless tears flowed,bleeding my heart…
Times have changed,and so have we…
Metamorphosed into a new being-
A different person altogether….
But the bond we shared never withered nor did it
Instead…a deep sense of love for you enfolds the heart…
Yet its true…at times I did miss the older YOU…
I wish I could go back to those days,
But some choices are made in different ways.
As I face the present,
I realize its ages since you last smiled-
Without trying hard to hide the pain behind those eyes.
Beneath this mask you wear,
Lies a deeply troubled heart….
I wish I could embrace all your heartache and pain,
But somehow things are not as always we want them to be,
All I can do is to promise to be with you,now and forever,
To be there by your side,when you need me…
To pray for you,to support you,and-
To WAIT…till you are YOURSELF….
Till its time once again….
If I say I love you,you would hold me closer evermore,
If I say I don’t need you,you would look into my eyes-
And melt all the anger with all those sweet kisses of yours.
Till its time once again….
You hold me for now and forever,
And make up for all the silent tears I cried,
And always promise to be by my side….
B’coz no one means as much as YOU…..
Come dear,hold me today,tomorrow…and whole LIFE through….